schijtkind ja dat doe ik dus ook

conniemura I will come for you once its a Kirlia.
Finally caught a Ralts in Emerald and goddamn it it only knows growl.

im laughing so fucking hard holy shit joel

Rokurokubi is a type of Japanese yōkai that has two types: one whose head can detach from the body, and one whose neck can elongate. The type whose head can detach is called nukekubi. It is said to be the evil type, since it feeds on human blood through biting its preys. Its body is said to be weak when its head is detached, and this is the only time when it can be killed.The regular rokurokubi is the one that can elongate its neck, sometimes even without it knowing (meaning it can’t always control its neck elongation). It is said that the rokurokubi is produced through human karma. In one tale, a man cheated his wife with another woman (to the point that his wife committed suicide upon discovering his unfaithfulness), and when he got the other woman pregnant, their child was born a rokurokubi.(;╹⌓╹)
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Why do you need orange clothes?


it is the mating colour of the dutch, it’s an unspoken sentence of ‘fuck yeah i’m dutch you’re dutch we’re dutch’

So, first night in spain.
Went from Brussel airport. Forgot to take my scisors out of my bag, they were taken out but I was allowed to keep them? Idiot belgians.. (no offense Grey.)
Flight was alright, no turbulence, colours of the plane reminded me of de Zeeman, and a stupid kid was being whiny the whole time.
Arrived in Malaga, went out into town for some food, managed to get lost.
Now in the hotel room playing pokemon LeafGreen, and wtf, I named my machoke Sinasappel, which litarly translates to Orange (the fruit) in english. I named my Machoke orange. He isnt even orange?! How high was I when I named him that????